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Grand Lake (Disney, OK)

"Pin It and Pop It" 11-time USA National #1 MotoTrials rider Pat Smage.  Click here for the full video of Pat and Hannah's adventure vacation including riding this and many other rocks at Grand Lake.

Lots of rocks and some nice off-cambers and long hill climbs in the back.  

This is a multi-use public facility (free to ride) and often there are a lot of jeeps and rock crawlers in the area.  On special occasions you might see National Champ Pro riders in action.

Be sure to check out Hogan's Off-Road if you want to camp.  He has full hook-ups, showers and restroom.  Tell Russ Hi and thank him for supporting trials.

Note these 2019 dates for Jeep Rally\Rides going on:

May 24-27 - Memorial Day Run

Jun 22 - Cancer Survivor Crawl

Jul 4-7 - Crawl for Christ

Aug 10 - Back to School Fun Run

Aug 17 - G. Smith Memorial Run

Sep 13-14 - Wheelin' for Wounded

Sep 27-28 - GCO Off-Road Expo

Oct 4-6 - Crawl-A-Palooza

Oct 18-19 - Poker Run

Oct 25-26 - Halloween

Nov 29-30 - Turkey Run

Dam release rates

New: This is a nice USACE Graphic of everything going on at the dam - remember flow rates over 14,000 means better to go elsewhere.  

Oct 20, 2018 - Experimental Riding Report is back (found another 'free' server to host it).  Click here

Click here to check the water rates from the spillway below the dam.  High rates of release, meaning above 14,000 CFS means the location could have some limited riding and you may have trouble getting across the creek to the south side of the park.  Over 18,000 CFS riding is limited to the East side rocks near the parking area as shown below.  40,000+ forget it but it is fun to watch. 

Note that the spillway flow rate can be low but the upstream dam can also be open and releasing enough water to make it difficult or impossible to get to the 'halfpipe' area or cross to the rock garden area.  Click here to check the upstream release rates.  Flows in the 30,000 cfs range will put your tires and engine under water.

Experimental - Riding Conditions Report

Oct 20, 2018 - Riding Report is back (found another 'free' server to host it).  Click here

May 18, 2018 - Note this test server crashed and is down until further notice.  Since it is free I guess you get what you pay for.  Maybe have it back and running in time for the July Night Trial.

Sep 17, 2017: Click here for a single page view of the water release rates, weather conditions and forecast at Grand Lake.  This custom app is under development and the fuzzy logic will be refined over time.  This app pulls the near real-time latest water release rates from three of the Corp of Engineers water meters and tries to determine, based on the flow rates, if the riding area is either okay to ride on, partially flooded where some areas could be cutoff or completely flooded.  The report can be a little slow performing sometimes as it is currently running on a test server.

OK to Ride

Partially Flooded

YouTube video of the spillway open in May 2015.

Water flowing at 22,000 CFS on Dec 24, 2015 over the Grand Staircase.  East side is good though "Section 3" is very close to the waters edge.