NEOTT - Grand Lake (Disney, OK)

Google Map link is here.    Hourly Weather Details here

Lots of rocks and some nice off-cambers and long hill climbs in the back.  

This is a multi-use public facility (free to ride) and often there are a lot of jeeps and rock crawlers in the area.

Be sure to check out Hogan's Off-Road if you want to camp.  He has full hook-ups, showers and restroom.  Tell Russ Hi and thank him for supporting trials.

Click here to check all the water conditions below the dam.  The graph below shows the current release rate of water from the dam.  High rates of release, meaning above 12,500 CFS means the location could have some limited riding and you may have trouble getting across the creek to the south side of the park.  Over 18,000 CFS riding is limited to the East side rocks near the parking area as shown below.  40,000+ forget it but it is fun to watch.  

YouTube video of the spillway open in May 2015.

Water flowing at 22,000 CFS on Dec 24, 2015 over the Grand Staircase.  East side is good though "Section 3" is very close to the waters edge.