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NEOTT - About Us

North Eastern Oklahoma Trials Team

NEOTT is a motorcycle trials club that has sponsored observed motorcycle trials competitions throughout Oklahoma since the Seventies. Events are held each month.  Spectators are welcome and admission is absolutely free.  We even have night time events in the hot summer months.

Most events are held on the third Sunday of each month. Competitions are open to non-members and beginners are always welcome.  We even offer a Cadet class for the little ones, entry fee only $5!  Entry fees for other classes are only $20 and your first trial is FREE!

Membership in NEOTT is only $40 per year. Members receive a discount on entry fees, eligibility for the annual State Championship and year-end awards including a special iron-man award that goes to riders that attend every event.

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NEOTT - Lifetime Members

These riders have earned lifetime membership honors through their long-term commitment to the club and the sport of observed trials: 

NEOTT - NATC Results

Pro Finishes:
Jerry Carrens 1985 7th
Matt Moore 1994 8th,1995 7th, 1996 8th, 1997 8th, 1998 6th

Support Class Winners:
Bryan Byrd  2005 SR-35
Charlie Mallow 1985 SR-35, 1989 & 1991 SR-40
David Meyer 2012 Twin Shock
Matt Moore 1993 High School
Mike Cramsey 2013 Clubman
Ron Lee 1997 & 1998 SR-30, 2002 & 2003 SR-35, 2004 SR-40
Shan Moore 1997 & 1998 SR-40

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