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Appalachia Bay

This is an official public-use ORV area on Lake Keystone. Known to many as "motorcycle island" this riding area is only about 15 minutes from downtown Tulsa.  

The gate to the ORV area is just past the entrance on your left. 

Note there is a daily use fee of $5. 

Also there are camping spots for $10\night.

New: Nice UACE Graphic of the lake levels and release rates.

*Note a level of 729 feet means the beach area is mostly under water.  The trials areas are clear but the typical weekend traffic is riding on the trails instead of the beach making things a little busy.

Photo Tour of App Bay Trials Areas

Dec 2021 : Check out some of 12-time National Champ Pat Smage's lines at App Bay in this YouTube video

June 2020 took a leisurely trail ride around App Bay and snapped some photos of the various trials riding areas out there for out-of-state riders that might be interested in checking it out.    I gave all the areas nicknames as I was riding around which seemed appropriate at the time.  Just don't ask a NEOTT rider what they think of "Lunch Break" they won't know what you are talking about.  I will put together a GPS track later on.

#1 - "Reality Check" - map link - so you wanna be a trials rider?  This area is best suited for Intermediate level riders and up.  To get here from the parking lot you can ride along the rocky beach as shown or from the smoother ATV trail on top.  Lot's of tricky lines with tight approaches.  All those rocks on the ground are loose, wobbly and just itching to get a dab or two from you during the briefest moment of inattention.  Lots of stuff for the big boys to play on.  Once you've had all the 'reality' you can stand you can roll to the next area either by jumping back on the ATV trail or take a little adventure ride along the beach for some more rocky trail.

#2 - "All Ride" - map link - suitable for riders of all skill levels.  Nice cambered turns, slippery when wet rocks, some nice ledges and hill climbs, tight turns etc etc etc. You can easily stay in this area for an hour just switching things up here and there as you progress.  Summer time can get pretty toasty and a good amount of flying insects since this area is on the North side and gets little to no breeze.  Just a short ride to the next area down the trail if you can tear yourself away from this spot.

#3 - "Lunch Break" - map link - kind of a seasonal spot when the lake level is down.  It is a little overgrown in the pics because the lake has been up, a lot, lately.  After riding this spot for awhile you'll be ready for a break, enjoy the view of the lake.  There are some amateur level lines but mostly intermediate and up.  You are likely to get some ATV \ boater spectators in this spot.

#4 - "Half Pipe" - map link - somebody (not me!) needs to ride this.  I can see it but lack the skills.  About 12' up on the left and 10' up on the right - short approach - sac up Captain America!  Similar ups on the other side.  Bring a minder or two.

#5 - "Cool Breeze" -  map link - more of a trials riding "area" than a spot as you could easily put eight sections in here.  Something for all skill levels and well suited for the heat of the summer as you are mostly in the shade and catching the cool breeze coming in off the water.  Heck if you get too hot - jump in the lake! 

Nearby you should check out the ancient structure viewable from space.  "The big doughnut" mystery has puzzled astronomers, mystics, fortune tellers and other numb nuts for decades. 
#6 - "Happy Valley" (aka Teacher's Lounge as some of the dirt bike guys like to stop and take a break here) - map link - also on the South side and able to catch the breeze off the lake this spot has something for everyone.  The bottom half of Happy Valley is kind of seasonal as high water will bring up a lot of debris but it usually doesn't take too long to clear a path and it is good to go.

#8 - "Beverly Hills" - map link - lots of dirt\sand hills to ride up and down.  A fun place to goof around and go WFO.  If it is too easy shorten your approach or change your angle of attack.  For the really advanced riders there are some lines awaiting your tires tracks - get after it.   When the bottom is soggy\boggy with water it will steal your momentum at the worst possible time and leave you wondering if you are going to make it to the top .... or not.

There are a couple more areas out but these are the highlights.  I may do more later.