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In case you missed it, Rick Land wrote another great article about a restore he did on a 1976 Fraser-Framed Honda TL250.  Thanks Rick!

Next NEOTT Trials Event - Sunday Dec 16, 2018 @ Grand Lake
- Final ride of the 2018 season will be at Grand Lake.  All eight sections are expected to be back in the half pipe area.  At least three new section areas are planned along with some new twists to the old favorites.

- Intermediate class shootout between Todd and Eldon (again) - WINNER.TAKES.ALL
When informed of the points scenarios Eldon responded: "Todd won last year - I WILL win this year"
- Group ride, 10 AM riders meeting

- Fees: $20 for Members, $25 for Non-Members

- Spectators are always free but please sign the waiver at the sign-in table.

If you missed out on these cool Sooner Cup T-shirts there are still a few left.   

Suitable for the entire family, the prison suit orange is perfect for the fall season whether you are out riding trials, hunting, watching your favorite orange sports team or working on a chain gang.

Shout out to Shack for the awesome design.

Shirts will be available at the next event or contact Todd Phillips.

Nov 2018 - Turkey Trial - by Shack

In years past, the great Lee Hoyland hosted the November event and the club handed out frozen turkeys to each class winner.  In keeping up with that tradition, a frozen turkey was awarded to first place winners, a box of stuffing for second place and can of green beans for third.

It was the great philosopher Jon Stoodley that once said, “What you ride up, you should always ride back down.”  Ok, maybe Jon didn’t say those exact words but it would have been a lot cooler if he did.  However, Jon was on site, with camera in hand, for the NEOTT November trial at Camp Gruber.  Jon’s motto, no dab will go un-photographed.  While the threat of cold weather kept some riders at home, 10 of the most rugged, hard charging, throttle twisting psychos off all time, turned a rotten forecast into the call of the wild.  The positives… we didn’t sweat much, nobody suffered from heat exhaustion and not a single bike over heated. 


Speaking of hot, Doyle Jordan rolled up on a shinny new stead.  He broke in his new Montessa by moving up a class to Sr. Amateur.  By the end of the day Doyle and the bike seemed to come to an agreement… not sure the terms of the agreement but both were pleased at the end of the event.  Mark Denison is getting along famously with his new Sherco scoring a first place win in the Sr. Amateur class.


Jackson Malone improved leaps and bounds from his first trial with a 22 point first place showing.   He will likely be pushing his dad in the near future.  Joel Honea finished 2nd in the Amateur class.


Eldon Malone scored a frozen turkey winning the battle in the Intermediate class inching closer to a state championship.  Todd D. was just one point back for 2nd place and winning a box of stuffing.  Kevin Kight, fresh off a trials training class, put his newly acquired knowledge to use moving up a class with a solid performance in Intermediate with 22 points earning himself a can of French Cut Green Beans.   Josh Evans finished 4th  with 25 points and Todd P. finished 5th with 27pts. Intermediate looks to be a highly contested class in 2019. 


Riding down the creek sections was fun but it was by no means the highlight of the event.  Annie Shackelford prepared and served hot broccoli cheese soup and bread after the ride.   Martha Stoodley made some delicious homemade cookies and Eldon provided the beverages.


We also had a team competition, combined low scores won a pumpkin pie.  Todd D. and Mike Cramsey combined for 40 points, Shack & Kight finished 2nd with 43 points…. They got nothing , and were told to like it.   Dennison and Evans were just  4 points back with 47.

All the results are here.


This is the only event that I recall that we did not have a single novice rider.  Penni, Annie, Stacey, Bill… saddle up. 


Thanks for the effort cleaning up all of the sections.  Look forward to a great December event.

HPTA Trial at Chris Johnson's - by Cramsey

Nov 10 & 11, 2018 - About 40 minutes North West of Lawton are the Wichita Mountains and Chris' Buffalo Dream Ranch - site of the High Plains Trials Association (HPTA) first 2-day event.
HPTA uses a 'Just-In-Time-Trials' format for section setting meaning the members show up the day before the event and build and mark the sections.  This was also the first time for using Chris' colored flag system instead of using gate cards. 
If you'd like to earn your PHD in this flagging system all the details are on ADVRider in this thread.

The cliff notes version goes like this:
- There are five lines through the section marked by different colored gates
- Blue - highest line
- Yellow - next to highest line
- Pink - middle line
- White - next to lowest line
- Green - lowest line

Simply ride between the colored flags assigned to your class

Don't over think it!

Some of the TeamNM riders that were new to the flagging system had a few challenges getting started but once up to speed quickly adapted to the system.

Chris had done a lot of pre-work laying out the loop and the section areas and since this was a new system a couple of sections were setup in advance to show how it all worked.  The sections were a perfect mix of rocks, hills and logs with a nice loop trail that even had a path mowed through the high grassy areas.
Several of the sections were setup on hillsides like these.  The photo, of course, flattens out the hillsides quite a bit but here we get a look at Saturday's Blue line.  That last hill climb up was a 3rd gear maximum RPM + 1 affair.
The biggest benefit is the time savings on how easy it is to set the section.  Easily less than half the time for writing out gate cards.  And bigger time savings kick in for changing your mind in mid-setup.   Then for Sunday the  plan was to use the same sections reverse.  So after Saturday's event the flags were quickly reset in about an hour for Sunday's event.
Saturday night consisted of a great cookout with lots of desserts and folks huddled around the TeamNM propane fire pit.
With temps forecast for the 20's-40's and having two other regional trials events scheduled the same weekend the overall turnout was a little thin (11 riders).  But there were riders from Albuquerque, Lubbock, Midland, Amarillo, Lawton, Mannford and Tulsa.  The quality was high and the competition intense with Chris and Lance battling for the Advanced class year-end overall and Konrad and Mal having a tie on Sunday that resulted in a ride-off that went into overtime.  

In the end, Chris home schooled everyone with just 5 pts on Saturday and 2 pts on Sunday.  Konrad eeked out the Sunday shootout over Mal in the 5th attempt. 

Lots of action pictures and videos on SmugMug here.

In the end, the flagging system was a hit and HPTA voted to use it in all the 2019 events.

HUGE shout out to Chris and Claire Johnson for hosting, setup, food, bike support and everything in between.


Here are some quick links for trials bikes on Craigslist in these nearby cities (Okay Denver not so nearby but they seem to have a lot of trials bikes for sale):

Coming Up:

- January 2019 and a chance to wipe the slate clean and start all over.

- If anyone (that means you!) wants to write up a short story or a tall tale send it to and we'll get it added.

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Sherco Down! Sherco Down! - November Turkey Trial at Camp Gruber - Gobble! Gobble!