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Issue #1 : November 2017
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2017 Year-End Awards
S3 Hydration Pack
See Pat demo the pack on video here
Next Event

When: November 5, 2017
Where: Fred and Mary's Wildcat Ranch near Decatur, AR
Start Up: Group Ride with the riders meeting at 10 am
Event Notes:
- Remember to bring a food donation for the Manna Center.

- The Sr Ama title will come down the last event as Todd D and Eldon are tied with 200 points each.  Winner takes the title!  See all the class standings here

- Three riders (Cramsey, Kight, Duesterhaus) are still in contention for Iron Man awards for making all 11 events in 2017.  The winners will receive a new Dunlop D803 front tire at the start of the 2018 season but they have to make it to last event to win - no exceptions no excuses.

- Nov 5th is also time change date - so watch your clocks

- Following the event will be a Club Meeting, Election of Officers, set the 2018 schedule and hand out the 2017 year-end awards which are these very cool S3 hydration\tool packs.  Awards go to riders that competed in at least 7 out of 11 events in 2017.
Updated Sooner Cup Trophy
Thanks to Chris Johnson

Todd D rocking Sat Section 5 on his way to Sr. Ama overall and getting his name on the cup for the first time.

Last Event - Sooner Cup

The Sooner Cup was held at Fry Lake near Seminole, OK (thanks Dave Campbell for letting us come out and play).

Thanks to Chris Charvet volunteering to be the head Trialsmaster for the Sooner Cup.  Prep work started back in Jan\Feb by clearing out a lot of new section areas with the focus to make the event very spectator friendly.  A little over 40 riders from KS, OK, MO, NE, TX enjoyed a great weekend of riding at Fry Lake.  Chris Johnson was co-TM and set and reset most of the section gates.

Chris and Chris worked up a unique format to this event by using red 'danger' ribbon as the boundary for PM sections and yellow 'caution' ribbon as the boundary for AM sections. 

The class gates were marked by flagging ribbons (yellow=Nov\Int, white=Ama\Exp, blue=Sr.Ama\Master which made it very easy to setup and modify as needed.  Taken on the whole most riders adapted pretty quickly and the format was successful.

Saturday saw unusually warm temps with the PM riders 'enjoying' near 90 degrees and high humidity in advance of some rain Saturday night.  The rain was enough to keep the dust down the next day and the temps cooled off into the 70's for a great fall day of riding on Sunday.

Shack and Ron had a great time riding the Master Class on Sunday with Ron just edging out Shack 13 to 15.  Shack won the Master class overall and will get his name on the cup for the second time.

Dalton Land-KS, had a clean ride in Intermediate on Sunday while Kyle Manny-KS took the intermediate overall.

Todd Duesterhaus was first Sr. Ama on Saturday and second on Sunday to claim the overall and gets his name on the cup for the first time.

2017 Sooner Cup Overall Winners:
  • Master: Jason Shackelford, OK
  • Expert: Jeremy Cox, NE
  • SrExp: David Black, KS
  • Intermediate: Kyle Manny, KS
  • SrAma: Todd Duesterhaus, MO
  • Adv Vintage: Randal Black, KS
  • Ama: Jim Findley, MO
  • Nov: Caleb Saathoff, KS

Click here to view all the history of Sooner Cup winners and stats

Jason and company carry his dad Wayne around for a victory lap after his 2013 Novice class championship win at Disney.

NEOTT Rider Profile - Jason Shackelford

Each month Neott News will profile one of the club members and how and why they got involved in trials.  First up is Jason "Shack" Shackelford.
 I was fortunate to have started on motorcycles at the early age of 3 in 1978.  My first bike was a Honda MR 50 with a working clutch. It was the coolest little bike because it looked just like my dad’s Honda Elsinore.  We were not a family that raced, but we rode a lot.  My sister had a Yamaha 80 (thus my disdain for Yamaha to this day), my mom rode a Honda Big Red 3 wheeler, and dad rode everything from Hodaka to Maico and everything in between.  It was a family event, uncles and cousins, we all rode on Sundays at Indian Springs or Keystone. 

 I was introduced to trials in my late 20s.  While on a family vacation my uncle-in-law, Mike Conover (a former master trails rider) had me throw a leg over his 1997 GasGas Tote Gote Special.   I had no idea that it was Mark Manniko’s old bike or even who the Mark was. I later learned he was a former Pro rider and one of the most respected riders in the country.  At first, I thought trials was silly: no seat, the bikes didn’t go fast, nor jump high.  Conover encouraged me to try a part of a section that he had been practicing.  He showed me the basic little turn, around a tree and back up a flat rock.  After two hours, I was hooked. I ended up buying that bike from Conover on the spot.   I couldn’t handle not being able to perform a simple turn without putting a foot down.  I practiced for hours on end.   That night Conover introduced me to Larry Lund, an Optometrist in Salida, Colorado that was a trials nut.  Lund had built a waterfall in his front yard and it just so happened that David Chaves was staying at his place in Howard, Colorado because the next week the RMTA was to host a national trial at Tucker Ranch.  Chaves was Sherco’s top rider at the time and a wonderful person.  His skill on a trials bike blew me away.   I had literally known about trials for less than 10 hours and I was shocked and inspired all at the same time.  David was super cool. I looked at this guy like he was some super human freak.  The next week I returned to Colorado to witness the Tucker Ranch National.   Geoff Aaron was the top US rider and he was incredible.   

Larry told me I need to look up a guy in Sapulpa, Oklahoma named Shan Moore.  Shan was a great rider but he was also the publisher of Trials Competition newspaper (now known as “OnThePegs”).   We became instant friends and he invited me to the NEOTT event at the old North Tulsa trials grounds.   It was at this event that I saw a guy named Ron Lee methodically jump a bike up on top some tractor tires stacked two or three high.   I later learned the technique was called a Jap Zap.  At that point, my goal was to learn how to ride those tires like Ron did.  Over the next year I must have returned to those tires a 100 times to work on my Jap Zap.   Gabe Mizell was also at that event and he was hopping the bike around like nothing I had ever seen.   He was with his family camping and I thought, “This guy has life figured out.”   Jon Stoodley helped me line out that old 97 GasGas. Jon spent hours upon hours with me at the trials grounds and at Gruber.   Jon spent more time explaining to me the techniques— when and where to use a double blip or a jap zap.   Jon has the patience of Job.  Scott and Mike Williams also became great riding buddies.   I was quickly welcomed into the club by Tommy Moore, Lee Hoyland, Don Grace, Paul Bolen and a number of other guys as fired up about trials as I was.   Gerald Timms and Kenny Twyman had built the OctoberTest up to one of the top events in the country and it was a pleasure seeing how they brought it all together.  I recall OctoberTest events in the mid 2000’s with over 125 riders.  My father Wayne is a major motorcycle enthusiast and also rides trials. For a few years Wayne cooked catfish and hushpuppies at the OctoberTest, feeding hundreds of riders and families. He has yet to forgive me for signing him up for that job. Wayne's younger brother Don is also an avid rider, the two brothers have had some epic battles in the Novice class over the last several years.   I hope to get those two back out and competing this year. 

Sometime around 2006 I was fortunate enough to be asked to produce the Ryan Young Advanced Training Techniques DVD.  Spending three or four days shooting video with Ryan and Bruce LeRiche along with my video helpers Ron Lee and Scott Williams was a dream come true.   


During this introduction to trials, I was working as a sport anchor at Channel 2. Since the events were always on weekends, I had to ride in the morning and sprint to work to anchor the sports.   I cannot tell you how many shows I anchored in trials pants and boots.   The Ute Cup is my favorite yearly event, it is always cool to see a handful of NEOTT riders at the Ute like Mike Cramsey, Shane Fernandez, Kevin Kight, Dave Yonce, Ron Lee and Charles Martin.    Disney is my favorite place to ride but I will not miss an event at Lee Hoyland’s place.  
Cool Stuff

Before you head out to Grand Lake to ride be sure to check the water conditions for any flooding or high rates of release from the dam using this web page\app The web page dynamically reads the near real-time GRDA water meters to determine if there might be any issues with flooding.  Note the data is only as good as what the GRDA publishes.  If their data is bad then that is what gets reported.  Web page app courtesy of rokhopr. 

 Looking for a bike? (Seriously aren't we always looking :-)) here are some quick  links for trials bikes on Craigslist in these nearby cities:
Already have a trials bike sitting in the garage and maybe it has some dust on it?  Clean it up, bring it out, ride and rediscover the fun of riding trials.