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Issue #8 : June 2018
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Did you see it?  Mike McCabe's article about his Scottish Six Days Trial experience went galactic and was printed in the June Edition of On-The-Pegs on page 78. 

Check it out here.

Next Trials Event - SATURDAY July 21, 2018 @ Grand Lake

- Night Trial !
- Group ride, 9 PM riders meeting
- Six slightly longer than normal sections and 4 loops and maybe some creative challenges (figure 8s?)
- Fees: $20 for Members, $25 for Non-Members
- Spectators are always free but please sign the waiver at the sign-in table.
- 2018 Membership Fees remain the same at $40\year - membership form is here

Last Event - May @ Camp Gruber

Part of the May event is to remember our fallen brothers and Shack opened the riders meeting with tales of Eddie Garner's and Larry Hobkirk's glory days with club.  Kevin had some remembrance cards custom made and they were signed by all the riders and mailed to the families.

A little bit of rain overnight made the sections pretty slick for the first loop and by 10 am the riders were greeted with warm and humid temps with little to no breeze.  The group ride started out with the riders heading to the far North West corner of the property where there is nice overlook to the Arkansas river below.  The crew arrived at section 1 and the first challenge of the day was for Mike to not crap his pants when a snake slithered by while walking the section.  They say the snakes are more scared of you than you are of them but in Mike's case that is just fake news.

The course consisted of 3-sections on the banks of El Diablo, a wonderful rocky creek section complete with flowing water, a section in the woods with some nice big ledges and finally 3 sections near the parking area.

At the end of the day Shack busted out a double can of whup ass in the Expert class with 44 while Mike Cramsey had 69 and the always photogenic Chris Shellenberger with 72.

In the Intermediate Class: Eldon Malone put some pay back on Todd Duesterhaus taking the win 40 -52

Riding solo in the Senior Amateur class Kool Kevin had 33.

In the Novice class, which was the largest class of the day, Ryan Witchey from KC take the "W" with 9, Bill Kleeman second with 18, Doyle Jordan though he has some dirt bike riding experience it was his first competitive motorcycle event of any sort and he came in 3rd with 20 and rounding out the Novice class Penni Taylor with 28.

By the end of the day everyone felt like they had been in a 4-hour hot yoga class and eight out of the ten riders had multiple fives on their cards.  The sections were quickly picked up because that was the only thing standing between the starving and thirsty riders and a great cookout and pot luck lunch.  Thanks to everyone that provided goodies and Annie for making a special run to the store to get some missing ingredients.  Shoutouts to Mike, Kevin, Todd and Penni for working on the course.

All the scores and year-to-date standings are on the web here

Thanks to Jon for the following pics of the Gruber event - some serious race faces going on here.  Click the race face to see the full image.

Next Nationals

June 9 & 10 at Trials Training Center, TN

June 16 & 17 at Keenan's near Uniontown, AR - the event is about a two hour drive from Tulsa.  The address is in AR but the actual property is in OK.  Judges are needed either for one day or both and any help you can provide is appreciated - No experience needed as new judges will be partnered up with experienced judges.  Judging is a lot of work but also a lot of fun and you will have a front row seat to watch the best trials riders in the country.  Benefits include Free entry to the event, a T-shirt, Lunch and a $10 Rocky mountain gift card.  Contact Rob Toole at  The event web site is here.  An excellent video on how to score a national is here.  Eldon, Joel and Ron have been logging a lot of hours at the site to make this event successful and a couple of NEOTT riders are signed up to compete.  Good luck to all involved!


Looking for a bike? Of course you are - here are some quick links for trials bikes on Craigslist in these nearby cities:
Already have a trials bike sitting in the garage and maybe it has some dust on it?  Clean it up, bring it out, ride and rediscover the fun times when riding trials.

Coming Up in the July 2018 Issue:

- Prep info for the night trial

- If anyone wants to write up a short story or a tall tale send it to and we'll get it added.

Take 5 - it isn't always pretty

Bill gets the Take 5 award for May.  Every novice slid out on this slippery little corner but most escaped with just a dab or two.

2nd runner up - Lurch fumbled the launch up this hill and got to slide back down.  This was just one of many many fives on the day for him.

3rd runner up is Penni at the end of section 7 though I believe she was just past the end cards it was a lovely dismount.

Warning the official NEOTT photographer has orders to take lots of pictures should you get a 5 at an event.  Who knows, you could be the next "Take 5" honoree.