NEOTT MotoTrials

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NEOTT - Rules:

  • Click here for the current NEOTT rule book in Google Docs format.
  • Note that tether switches are required starting in 2017.

NEOTT - Event Scoring:

Quick is your official score what is punched on your card or what is on the score sheet? ... Ideally what is on your card matches what is written on the score sheet but 3 or 4 times a year I see or find out they are different. The rulebook is very clear that once the event is over the score posted on the score sheet is your official score.

Here is what happens after an event:


-The cards are collected and given to Jon for storage.

-The score sheets go with whoever is entering them on the web page (there are several of the club officers that can do this).

-Once the scores are posted, riders review the scores on the web and call the scoring person about differences between what is on the card and what is on the web\score sheet.

-If the differences can't be resolved, the score on the score sheet is your official score.

Here's why: once the cards leave the event site there are no controls over them that would prevent someone from altering the card. Specifically the rules state: "There will be no post-trial review of scorecards to change results."

Suggest following a procedure something like this: You count your card, write the total on the back and initial or sign it. Have someone else count your card and if the totals match you are good to go.  If they don't match then resolve the differences until they do. Write your score on the front of card, initial it and have someone else write your score on the score sheet and you confirm it.

If you have trouble counting, use a calculator. 

NATC 2018 Scoring Video