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NEOTT - Stuff Trials Riders Say (Facebook Feb 2012):

1. I got a stupid 5
2. "I just didn't do it right". I think of Gary's near disaster experience every time I hear it.
3. ‎"I should've cleaned it"
4. "That wasn't a dab!"....
5. "Was my front axle out of the section"
6. Ooops
7. Dab will do ya!
8. I forgot to clean it out first
9. ‎hmm,, ZAP or SPLATTER??
10. "I cleaned that muddy section." "I just couldn't get traction." 
11. I will clean it the next loop!
12. I need a calculator.
13. Dummy dab...
14. WHOA! Where did that rock come from!
16. Awesome flip turn into a splatter.
17. The wind was in my face
18. Crap, I suck at this!!!
19. Really? I missed a split??????
20. Where's the section start?
21. Do I get a mulligan?
22. Naw, that wasn't MY son who pulled the tape back for me......
23. So has the section changed any?
24. "They want us to ride up\down THAT?" Usually followed by WTH/F depending on the severity.
25. Whos first???????
26. ‎Too much tire pressure
27. How'd you do on that last one?
28. Where's the next section?
29. Where's the entrance?
30. I need a Rand Mcnally to ride this section !
31. What split ?
32. How much time do we have ?
33. Where's the loop ?
34. Too much traction !
35. I need a GPS.
36. ‎"What did you do that for?"
37.  Jeeez, just about all this stuff I haven't heard, I've SAID it..........:)
38. Rider!
39. I'm glad we only count the first 3 dabs
40. Like I tell the riders, "After three, they're free!"
41. Is it a point if my elbow leans on the tree to hold my balance?
42. what split card?
43. Who's got the punch? (group ride)
44. Didn't ANYBODY bring a punch?!!!
45. Does Ron have a bike yet?
46. Bike laying on the ground throttle wide open - WWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- followed by an eerie silence while everyone gathers around to view the victim.
48. If it hadn't been for those stupids 5s, I would've won.
49. Or, "If it hadn't been been for the other guys in my class, I would have won!"......
50. Now it's "Did my tire or body brush the split card?"
51. and the sound of expensive fenders >snapping< off...
52. Where's my %$&*%$%$^ scorecard!!!!!
53. Can my dad punch my score card next time!
54. "He punched me wrong"
55. I got a 5 for touching a split card
57. I swear I did not float over the split card!
58. That turn comes up on you quicker than you think.
59. Who the 'ell set this one up? he's crazy.
60. This one, is too close to the cattle pen... or the section stinks... lol
61. Can someone spot me up there?
62. Can someone catch me down there?
63. Who's going to be the guinea pig?
64.  I didn't see that cheater line
65.  I could do this if it wasn't so wet\dry\slippery\etc..
66. I could do this if I had any skill/talent/ability/etc....
67. I thought it would bump start
68. More to come...