NEOTT MotoTrials

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NEOTT - Trialsmaster Checklist:

-Ensure that the riding area to be used is available and if any permits are required for the specific date, location, and type of event.

-Communicate details of event to secretary, webmaster, and treasurer, including maps, start times, and other essential information.

-Announce trials at preceding event, with special emphasis on new or changed details from the previous years event.
Secure NEOTT Trials boxes from the equipment manager (This should have every thing needed such as staple guns, ribbon, baggies, markers, start and end cards, staples,). These boxes should also have the rulebook, first aid kit, road signs, etc for setting up a trial.

-Select loop and potential sites for sections, taking into account possible weather, rider classes, etc.

-Mark loop, then sections, beginning 2or more weeks before event if possible. Have at least one or two sections close to the parking area for spectators. Avoid having the loop cross itself like a figure 8 and mark all turns well.

-Coordinate with Club Officers ahead of the trials to settle any last minute issues. Ensure that the
Treasurer will bring the cashbox with change, and the Awards officer has the awards for the event

-Finalize and pre-ride sections and the loop making sure all classes are able to complete the loop
without danger or time problems.

-Post signs and ribbon on roads leading to trials area.

-Establish a signup area at least one hour before the riders meeting posted time. Maintain tight control on the cash box and the signup sheets; with at least one volunteer always present. Ensure that the riders have DOT helmets, working mufflers, and proper tires.  If any rider disputes the requirements refer them to the nearest Steering Committee member so that you can keep the line moving.

-Ensure that all riders sign the signup sheet in the correct class, liability release sheets, and scorecards.

-Collect entry fees and list observers. If new members join or current members rejoin make sure a membership application is filled out and receipt of membership fee is noted on signup sheet for that rider.

-List the rider’s names and classes on the scoreboard if used.

-Honk a vehicle horn prior to riders meeting start time to alert riders. These are the minimum items to cover ; Loop and section locations and numbers and directions, markings used, time limits , and special procedures ( staggered start sections , dangerous areas, club announcements, etc)

-Answer questions from riders

-After the trial has started, leave signup in care of a volunteer including cashbox. Ride loop and verify the observers have started sections, and look for possible problems in the sections or loop.

-Try to run ahead of the bulk of the riders.

-Keep abreast of riders progress and be available for questions, protests, decisions, etc

-If the event seems to be going well as planned start a final sweep of the loop near the end of the
scheduled end time reminding the observers of the shut down time and looking for lost or hurt riders. If things aren’t going as planned with a substantial number of riders still out in progress you may have to adjust the time limits as needed and sweep the loop to advise all observers of the new time limits.

-Assist the other Trialsmaster or volunteers at the signup area on scoring cards and tabulating results, handling protests, etc.

-Honk a vehicle horn when ready to hold awards presentation, give out awards, thanks to all involved.

-Allow the Trialsmaster for the next event to announce their event.

-Ensure the Treasurer gets the cashbox and monies, the Secretary gets the signup sheets, scorecards, and riders release sheets, the equipment manager gets the signs, boxes and other gear .If there were any new members signed up get membership applications to Membership Director.

-Ensure cleanup of the loop and sections by the observers and volunteers.

-Sit back and enjoy the feeling of having done a tough job with immense satisfaction and relief knowing you’ve done a large share of keeping the Club going and sharing the camaraderie of a select few who know how to promote a trials event.